How to Safely Buy Steroids with your Credit or Debit Card

Which payment method for anabolic steroids

Unsurprisingly this is an extremely often searched query by both newcomers and seasoned steroid users, after all, if you want to use anabolics then you have to buy them first! Although a straightforward discussion can be had regarding this issue, it is far more beneficial (and safe) to flesh out the the discussion and include every little bit of information we can about this subject as in most countries making a purchase of this kind with your credit or debit card is not legal and could potentially get you into trouble, and this is something you want to avoid at all costs obviously.

The first question most people will ask regarding this is ‘is it possible?’ – to which the simple answer is: yes, it is, but caution must always be exercised and several steps must be followed to ensure that the risk is as low as it possibly can be. Purchasing steroids isn’t like purchasing a supplement or even anything else that can be easily acquired online – you really do have to do your research and ensure that you’re making the best choice(s) for your specific situation. Before we go into detail about the steps you should take, let’s have a look at the pros and cons of card payments.

Firstly, it is extremely easy, you just fill in your details and the payment is processed, which is more straightforward than using a bank transfer or some form of money transfer system as these require much more effort and let’s face it, the less effort required the better! Secondly, it is extremely safe for you the buyer. The best thing about card payments in general is that if you ever have any issues (non-delivery of items for example) then you can simply ask your bank to do a chargeback and you will receive a full refund. Sites selling steroids are unlikely to challenge the chargeback as this may potentially expose them and that would be the last thing they would want. This is partially why so many sites only offer bank and money transfer payments – there is no comeback to these and can only be reversed by the recipient, which seldom happens in these type of transactions.

Unfortunately, as you would expect, there are negative aspects too. The most obvious of these is that not many websites actually this form of payment, therefore it can be difficult to find a site that both stocks the exact product(s) you want and take this payment method. From looking into this myself (I have examined countless sites) there aren’t all that many that have a wide selection of products and take card, but it is important that you do your own research (you’ll see why at the end of this section). The second downside is that if you happen to choose an illegitimate website then they will have access to your details and could exploit this in a whole host of ways, i.e take money from your account or sell your details on. This, however, could be said of any site, not just those that sell anabolics.

In addition to the above there are several other things that need to be thought through, the most important of which is what country is the (potential) site based in? The USA has extremely strict laws (alongside countries like Canada and Australia), where it is against the law to even own steroids (unlike the UK where it is legal to possess). Our best piece of advice here is to only order from a supplier that is based in the same country as you as domestic shipping is less strict and vetted when compared with international shipping, customs etc…

As a finishing note within this section, I think it is best to tell you that research is absolutely vital – you should never make a purchase without doing it. There are several review websites out there that are extremely useful, not only for seeing reviews but also seeing which sites are based in which countries. Always be vigilant, remain cautious and take your time. If you do these things then you shouldn’t have any issues at all.

Is there anything else you should know before buying steroids?

Whether you’re looking to order injectables, orals, fat loss products, growth hormone or peptides the advice will always remain the same. As mentioned above steroid review sites such as eroids and Muscle Gurus are perfect for seeking out the best sites and leading you to suppliers for your native country. If you’re based in the USA then choose a site that has numerous good ratings and is based there too! There is, however, the issue of buying steroids offline, i.e. from the man in gym/local dealer, something we will discuss now.

Let me be very clear on this: NEVER purchase anabolics from anyone in person, even if they are your best friend and you trust them with your life. It is far easier to get caught doing this (than online) and you are bang to rights if you are caught in the act. Please do not listen to those that say this is the best and safest way – they will usually be looking to sell you something. People like this will usually prey on new users and will sell them bunk gear just to make a quick buck as they don’t care about their customers. This is why we advocate card payment online – it offers you the buyer so much more protection and puts a wall between the buyer and the seller and s mentioned in the section above, chargebacks are the main reason as to why we suggest this.

By this point (or perhaps even when you started reading this article!) you may be thinking ‘hang on, what qualifications does this guy have to start advising others?’ – well, I have purchased steroids from numerous different sites over the years using my credit card. All of this advice is based on my experiences as well as others I trust who have also done the same. I am simply trying to help you not to make the same mistakes a lot of newbies make. One thing I have always done (and suggest you do the same if you can afford to do so) is make test purchases from various sites just to gauge whether they actually send anything; whether the shipping is quick and discreet; what their customer service/communication is like and if they have any after-sales care should you run into any issues. Once you test out a few sites it is easy to see which are better than others and then you can have your ‘go to’ supplier that you can trust to supply you with the steroids you so desire!

I know from actually speaking to potential buyers that credit card fraud is something they worry about a lot (not just in the context of anabolics), but just remember that banks are legally obliged to reimburse all chargebacks so you can buy pretty much worry free if you follow our advice in this article.