What is the best Bodybuilding Motivation?


When it comes to bodybuilding motivation there are many things that can be done to induce optimal performance. Before we delve into however, it is of absolute vital importance that you have the hunger and desire to succeed and achieve your goals. Bodybuilding is a brutal sport regardless of whether you have ambitions of getting on stage and competing or just achieving a certain physique, you will no doubt be aware the level of hard work, effort and pure blood and guts required to realise your goals is far greater than most other things in life.¬†¬†There will be pain – real physical pain – you cannot build muscle without pushing your body beyond its natural limits. There will be highs and there will be lows. There will be successes and there will be failures. But one thing must remain constant throughout your journey, and that is your motivation. If this never waivers and never nosedives to beyond repairable levels then you will succeed. It is this that will get you up at 5am to go to the gym or do cardio. It is this that will push you through every rep, set and beyond. It is this that will enable you to keep an iron will as you diet down. Bodybuilding will drain you, make your miserable and at times you will want to give up…it is motivation that will stop this from happening.

Bodybuilding Motivation Photos



Photos of your bodybuilding idols or of a physique or physiques that match your own body goals can be very useful for motivating you to train and remain strict throughout every facet of your gym-going lifestyle. Although I am very much in favour of being an individual,following your own path and not being a ‘sheep’ or a cookie cutter, it can be beneficial to have something or someone to aspire too. When doing this however, it is better to be realistic than have goals that are far beyond what you will be able to achieve, i.e. photos of Arnold Schwarzenegger -although he was and is a very motivating figure, one in a million people will be able to attain his physique so it is always important to make sure you are realistic, this way you will not be disappointed at any point of your journey and you want to minimise the negative aspects as much as you can. Having a picture on the background of your phone or computer, or even a poster on your wall can be great at boosting you throughout the day as you will be constantly reminded of what you want to achieve.

Another aspect in which photos can help is for competitive bodybuilders who want to look at what poses the pros used (outside of the mandatory ones) and how they used them. It is beneficial to see if certain poses look good with your physique, so by viewing what others have done you can get plenty of ideas for this.

Do I need supplements to get motivated for bodybuilding?

As stated above, you must have the motivation and inner to desire to succeed. However there is nothing to say you can’t use performance enhancing aids to help you boost yourself and improve your performance inside or outside of the gym. I would hazard a guess that when performance enhancing aids are talked about there are two things that come to mind: 1) Steroids and 2) Supplements. In this section we will focus on the latter as there are numerous other steroid-related articles on this site and this page is all about getting yourself motivated for going to the gym and bodybuilding!

One of the most popular types of bodybuilding supplement (second only to whey protein) are pre-workout supplements. They come in two main forms, either stimulant-based or pump-based (some will incorporate elements of both), with the former being by far the most popular. For some reason it seems to have become a stable for a large majority of gym goers, all of who appear not to be able to train properly (or at all) unless they have necked a caffeine-laden twenty ingredient formula 45 minutes before their workout.

Bodybuilding Motivation Videos

Videos for motivation are absolutely great, particularly before you go to the gym. The combination of seeing your idols or pro bodybuilders train along with music that will get your beyond pump can only have one result, and that is to make you so pumped and ready for the gym that you want to body-build for hours on end and lift more than you every have done before! Personally, I find the music element of these videos the most important aspect as music can induce a variety of strong emotions, with focus and controlled aggression being two of them (and two that will really help you grind through those hard sets).

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