What are the best steroids for bulking up?

Here is our list of the best steroids for bulking up…

Even though all anabolic steroids will help to increase muscle mass, there are several that are far better at helping you bulk up than others – but what are they? In this article we will look at the best bulking steroids in both oral and injectable form, which will hopefully help you decide which is the best route for you to take. (All information presented in this article is for information and educational purposes only – please consult a medical professional before commencing with any steroid cycle).

What are the best injectable steroids for bulking up?

The number one bulking injectable is the king of steroids, Testosterone. Being equally androgenic to anabolic means that testosterone will put on a lot of size even at low doses (remember, usually the more androgenic a compound is, the more anabolic it will be. Those with high anabolic ratings yet low androgenic ratings are never out and out mass builders). Why is it good for bulking? Well, it will dramatically increase protein synthesis, which in turn means muscle will be build at a far faster rate. It will increase estrogen levels, which increase water retention and fluid within joints, which will help to boost strength (yes, that’s right – increased estrogen can be extremely beneficial to someone looking to add mass, but obviously you don’t want it to go too high).

Other injectable steroids that are perfect for bulking are Nandrolone decanoate (commonly known as Deca Durabolin) and Trenbolone (either the short acting acetate ester or the longer-acting enanthate ester). Although nandrolone doesn’t have a great androgenic rating, it actually binds to the androgen receptor with great affinity than testosterone, therefore has a pronounced effect on protein synthesis, muscle growth and strength. It is often stacked with testosterone as the two provide a great synergistic effect. Trenbolone is an extremely powerful compound and can be used for both bulking up and cutting. It is five times as strong as testosterone and binds to the androgen receptor at least as strongly as dihydrotestosterone (which binds at rate 3-5 greater than testosterone itself). Unlike testosterone or deca durabolin, trenbolone was never approved for human use and has only ever been approved for use in cattle. Its effects in cattle are pronounced with tens of lbs of muscle being added in several weeks without them actually doing anything! In humans it has also been shown to stop the process by which the body converts carbohydrates to stored body fat, thereby it can help to reduce fat gain whilst bulking up.

What are the best oral steroids to bulk up with?

Dianabol aka ‘The Breakfast of Champions’ is the most popular and commonly used oral bulking anabolic. Why? The combination of it being very effective, not having overly bad side effects (of course this is person specific),being very cheap and hardly ever being faked makes it an extremely solid compound for anyone looking to bulk up. It can be used as a standalone (even though many people tell you that it shouldn’t be used alone, trust me, it can!) or a ‘kick-starter’ to a longer injectable bulking cycle, such as testosterone. As with most orals it can only be used for a maximum of six weeks at a time.

Anadrol is probably the second most popular oral bulking anabolic. It is potentially more potent than Dianabol, but tends to induce more side effects than its counterpart. It also requires much higher doses, up to 3 times that of Dianabol to have the same effect. It is also used at the start of longer cycles to provide an initial mass and strength boost as the levels of the injectable(s) build up in the system, but can also be used as a standalone.