Dianabol Cycle

How to bulk using a Dianabol Cycle

Regardless of the many various different types of steroid stacks available on the market today, a straight forward dianabol cycle is still one of the best for bulking up and gaining mass. Known affectionately as the, ‘Breakfast of Champions’, Dianabol is one of the most popular anabolic steroids, and certainly by far and away the most used oral bulking anabolic (and has been since it was first developed way back in the 1950’s). Why is it so popular? Well, there are two main reasons why people usually choose a dianabol cycle. Firstly, it is very effective at what it does, i.e. add mass and increase strength. Secondly, it is very cheap to buy – probably the second cheapest steroid after methyltesosterone (which is rarely sold or bought nowadays due to the fact it is pretty much useless for any aspect of performance enhancement), which is due to the fact it is very inexpensive to manufacture. In addition, because of the latter point, dianabol is very rarely faked so users (provided they purchase their dianabol from a reputable source) can pretty much be guaranteed of a legitimate product. In the next section we will look at why dianabol is so effective for bulking and how it can be cycled to maximise gains. Of course this is assuming that your training and nutrition are all in place, because without these two vital elements you will fail to experience optimal results and certainly won’t keep any gains post cycle.

Why is Dianabol so good for a bulking cycle?

The reason why a Dianabol cycle will add a substantial amount of mass (by mass I mean overall bodyweight, i.e. muscle, fat and water) is because of it’s unique chemical structure. It is derived from testosterone, which we all know is a potent bulking steroid, but has a very different structure. In essence it is dehydroboldenone, and although boldenone (equipoise) is not known for being overly potent, the fact that Dianabol is methylated (to allow it to pass through the liver undamaged) makes it a hell of lot more powerful, both in terms of androgenic and anabolic capabilities. All the strongest steroids have high anabolic and androgenic characteristics and as you progress through your dianabol cycle you will see this clearly, both in terms of positive effects (mass, muscle, strength, focus and aggression) and negative side effects (increase blood pressure, water retention, acne, hair loss if prone etc…). In terms of what is the best way to take it, well, dianabol by itself is actually a very valid option (despite the fact that most people will tell you it isn’t!) and depending n your bodyweight/size and your previous steroid experience.

My suggestions for dosages and cycle lengths would be 20-30mg per day for 4-6 weeks for first-timers and novices; 30-45mg per day for 4-6 weeks for users with some experience or are beginners who are of a large size and 40-70mg per day for users that are vastly experienced and have many steroid cycles under their belt. Remember, none of the above constitutes medical advice and also consult a medical professional or doctor before you begin taking steroids. Also, ensure you have regular blood-work done as this vital to keep your health as good as it possibly can be.